Alpinestars and Bell Helmets congratulate Toby Price on his Motorcycle and Truck legs of the 2016 Finke Desert Race, finishing in 1st and 2nd place respectively, and retaining his ‘King of the Desert’ title in the
bike category while adding to his Finke legacy.

Alongside his King of the Desert title, Price has also completed the Finke Ironman
Challenge by competing in both Bike and Truck categories. Price completed what
some were calling the impossible, by finishing on the podium in both categories a
feat never achieved before and seldom attempted.

It was a rocky start to the race, with customs detaining the truck for over 48 hours
followed by Price rolling the truck in a practice run due to a suspension issue.
“ It was such a close call, the crew picked the truck up from the Melbourne docks and
then transported it to the South Australian workshop to fit the panels Wednesday
evening after the drama with customs. the crew got the truck to Alice Springs
Thursday midnight before causing carnage with it on friday.”

“ First day in the truck we took it down to the track and managed to break a
suspension arm in the back, so it pretty much chewed me up and spat me out and
trashed the brand new truck.” Price said.

The crew worked nonstop in the two day lead up to ensure the truck was ready for
the beginning of the Finke race. “ All the guys got it fixed up friday night and it was up to qualifying, but it wasn’t the best run because I didn’t have much time in it and didn’t know what to expect ,” Price said.

Day 1 saw Price finish 5th in the Truck Category, reaching the checkpoint at
01:51:30, quickly flying back to the start line to take on the bike leg.
Price was then the first to the checkpoint of the Finke Bike Category, with a time of

“ Day 1 in the truck started really good from 19th, started catching people and went by
8 people, then I flew back in time for the bike with about an hour to spare, the bike
felt good ended up been first on the way down with about a 2 minute gap ,” Price said.

Day 2 saw Price finish with a time of 01:54:09 in the Truck Category, making his
overall time 03:45:40 and finishing in 2nd place alongside intruck
navigator Kyle
Pfitzner, only trailing Glen Owen in 1st by 00:08:20.

“ Day 2 went really well, 10km’s in we dropped a valve in the motor so we were only
running on 7 cylinders for pretty much 200km so I’m surprised with the truck and to
be able to put it in 2nd place and 1st in class was great, credit to Luke Hendry the
engine builder for the truck to be able to keep running that long for the amount of
abuse it got was awesome ,” Price said.

Price claimed 1st place on his KTM 500 EXC Bike with a time of 01:53:35 on Day 2,
rounding his overall time to 03:46:55.Price has previously won the Finke Desert Race 4 times, and his fifth win now sees

him tie with motorcycle category record holder Randall Gregory for most Finke Titles

Maybe more impressive is the fact that all of these wins have come in succession
since Toby’s debut attack on the Finke in 2010.

“ I flew back and started again had a smooth clean run home on the bike and finished
in front and that’s the 5th win for the finke race so it has been an amazing trip ,” Price

Price will now set his focus on rally practice in Barocca for the 2017 Dakar Rally.

“ We will start doing some rally prep and get the ball rolling for next year, it’s starting
really early and i will spend a month in spain training ,” Price said.

“ I really just want to thank everyone that has been involved and that has come on
board, it wouldn’t be possible without them ,” Price said.

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