Project Description



SBS was the first company to produce aftermarket disc brake pads for motorcycles and thus added a completely new business area to the production of brake parts for the automotive industry started in 1964.

Since then have we have developed brake pads and friction solutions for the motorcycle aftermarket and OEM market.

Today we are one of the market leaders. Our SBS brand is sold all over the globe in more than 40 countries. Our aftermarket range is among the widest covering any make, any model, any year since the first motorbike featuring disc brake system was introduced.

Concurrently we have we have developed our cooperation with the OEM market regarding factory fitted friction technology. Our customer portfolion in this growing business comprises motorcycle manufacturers, brake system developing companies as well as special branches such as the wind turbine industry.

Persistence, passion and performance have always been the hallmark of our business. For 20 years we have been a partner for many of the best racing teams and competition riders within Road Racing, endurance and Moto GP. For motorsport celebrities such as Carlos Checa, Andrew Pitt, Michael Dunlop and Kenan Sofouglu, SBS has been the preferred brake pad when racing for podium positions.

Rodger De Coster